Physician mental health is at the forefront of the COVID-19 pandemic; however, physician mental health and suicide were barely addressed before the pandemic. Studies have shown that a career in medicine is associated with an increased risk of suicide.For example, did you know that physicians are more burnt out and die by suicide greater than any other professional? In addition, death by suicide is 250-400% more likely for female doctors than the general population, compared to 130% for male physicians, according to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.


Most do not know that physicians are a high-risk population, nor think from their docs' mental health point of view. There is a lack of:

  • Acknowledgment and attention to the burden of physicians
  • A lack of avenues for support and communication
  • A lack of physician-specific resources and research 


Through the summit, we aim to change the narrative and increase awareness of the plights of physicians, de-stigmatize their mental health challenges and prevent physician suicide. We aim to do so by creating:

  • ENGAGEMENT: Develop improved communication and connections around physician mental health
  • EDUCATION: Expand knowledge about physician mental health issues and suicide warning signs 
  • EMPOWERMENT: Improve the avenues for physician communication and outreach 
  • ENLIGHTENMENT: Strengthen our faith in the culture of medicine
  • IMPACT: Enhance the prospects for de-stigmatization and opportunities to address physician suicide preventive measures


Doctors Under the Radar is a health-tech startup whose mission is to increase transparency and awareness of physician mental health and suicide. Our goals are centered around mitigating the stigmas for physicians and other healthcare workers to promote communication, advocate for advanced psychological safety measures, enhance access to support systems, and encourage seeking help.

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