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How often do you think about your doctor’s physical or mental health? How often do you wonder if our healers are getting healed? Do you honestly even ask your doctors how they are doing and wait for a response? If not, listen to the Doc, U R... Podcast because we have asked these questions each episode, waited for the answers, and allowed each guest to be open, candid, and honest about their struggles, trials, and tribulations, as well as their victories, successes, and how they are not just surviving but thriving.

The Doc, U R... Podcast is the first podcast providing information and insightful, candid and open conversations solely about physicians and their mental health. The objective is to destigmatize physician mental health, and the goals are to humanize physicians and acknowledge and bring awareness to their need for healing. 

We engage, enlighten and empower our physicians to meaningfully impact their personal, professional and academic lives in which we hope they can continually fuel their purpose, passion and power! 

Our first season has officially ended! However, we are proud to be gearing up for our second season after the summit! 

Are you interested in being a guest on the Doc, U R Podcast and addressing physician mental health and suicide? If so, sign up today!